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Anna O Yoga

Seasonal Yoga, Meditation and Sound Baths 

About Me 

I’m an Oxford-based yoga teacher and sound bath facilitator with over a decade of experience. I teach a wide range of movement styles - from dynamic and power flows to restorative and yin classes - and specialise in pregnancy and postpartum yoga. I aim to offer classes which feel welcoming and inclusive, offering options to suit different bodies and energy levels so that each student shapes their own most nourishing practice each time we practice together. 

Seasonal Workshops 

I offer seasonal yoga, meditation and sound bath workshops roughly every six weeks, to coincide with the festivals in the Celtic Wheel of the Year - a calendar based upon the seasonal shifts and changes we experience here in the UK. I use this as a way to reconnect with the land we're living upon and to tune into natures cycles. Most importantly, I create spaces for rest and reflection: an opportunity to slow down in the face of the hectic world we live in.


Because building community is important to me, I am beginning to offer half-day and day retreats. There'll be  seasonal teas, infusions and tasty treats, as well as more time to connect and share with each other so we can weave our own community of care - for each other, and for the environments we live within. 

Sound Baths 

During sound baths, participants are introduced to the theme with a few short readings or poems, and some prompts for finding comfort in the body before we settle into stillness. They then sit or lie down and are 'bathed' in vibrations from gongs, singing bowls and other percussive instruments. Many people find this experience profoundly relaxing as the soothing sounds help to quieten the chatter of the mind; some enter a dream-like state where new creative solutions may be found or recent experiences processed. I often place sound baths at the end of my workshops as a tool for integrating the ideas we have explored intellectually, creatively and somatically during session. 

Classes & Workshops 


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